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In order to transfer a domain name to the ROUTE AFRICA’ Registrar our clients will need to ensure that several required items and/or actions have been taken.


  • Domain has been registered for at least 60 days (there is a domain lock whereby a domain name cannot be transferred until after 60 days of the original registration).
  • Domain name is not expired or close to expiration date (expired domains or domains which are within 14 days of their expiration cannot be transferred and will have to be renewed at the current registrar).
  • Domain name has been unlocked (please contact the current registrar to do so).
  • Domain’s name servers are already pointed to the ROUTE AFRICA name servers (please contact the current registrar to have them update the domain name’s (DNS) name servers to ROUTE AFRICA – found in your login email).
  • You have the domain name EPP – Domain authorization code (contact your current registrar to obtain this code).
  • You are the administrative e-mail contact person on this domain name’s whois record (the administrative email contact person will need to authorize the domain name transfer once the process has begun).


By submitting the domain transfer form below you will be authorizing us to transfer your domain name from your existing domain registrar to the ROUTE AFRICA registrar and your domain name will be subject to our Free Domain For Life Policy. As a requirement above you will need to have changed your domain name server settings so that your domain name points to ROUTE AFRICA prior to this domain transfer as the domain name server settings are unable to be reset during the domain name transfer process which takes between 4-7 business days. In addition your participation is required as once a domain transfer is submitted to the registrar an email to the administrative email on file for this domain name and the confirmation link within that email must be clicked on to verify the consent to transfer the domain name.

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Frequently Asked Questions

In order to have an online presence, a name is required, which would be your online identity. This online identity is a domain name. And in order to have a domain name, registration is required.
The domain name will be yours completely. If you decide to not use us as your webhost, you can still take the domain name with you to a new web host.
You are free to buy domain names from any company but a company’s support and professionalism towards its customers is what matters in the long run. We recommend that you buy domain names only from a trusted company who is efficient enough to support you in case you need it. We can provide you best in class services at competitive prices as we believe in nurturing relationships.
We are in this industry for over a decade and we are capable of providing you the requisite support that you will need to manage your domain name along with all its records. Further, our prices are competitive, and you will get best in class services.
We not only provide required domain registration services but we also offer some free services, like managed DNS, Email, Domain forwarding, control panel and more.
Please refer to your welcome email for the correct name servers. In case if you are not able to locate welcome email, you can submit a support ticket also.
It usually takes about 24-48 hours before it is visible to all users of the Internet. Sometimes propagation delays due to Internet providers, they have to update their records (DNS tables) to reflect the changes.
The domain can be registered for a minimum of one year and a maximum of ten years.
If you have ordered a new domain name from us, it will take 12-48 hours. If you are transferring an existing domain name to us, it will take 12-48 hours after you make the DNS change with your registrar.

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